select the spacing between adjacent fittings:


When using battens in a car park the spacing between your standard battens determines where you will place your emergency batten. (IE. This is because your emergency batten is used for normal lighting most of the time)

The spacing between the battens is determined on your lighting layout and takes into account the batten performance, mounting height and the lux level required. Typically your lighting designer will have specified this.

Spacing diagram

Select the Ektor Fitting to Compare Against

Ektor Product

Select the Ektor product to use in the car park.


Select photometrics to compare:       

Competitor’s Classification

Enter the competitor’s emergency photometric classification here.


Select Min required Lux & Area Dimensions:

Lux Level

Select the required emergency lux level (0.2 lux for Australia), the mounting height of the batten above the floor and the car park size.

The maximum area covered by one emergency fitting is 500m2, AS2293.1 Clause 4.3



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  • Emergency product Regular product


You can now compare the products. This will calculate the number of emergency products required and the configuration which will be shown in a table below. You can select between the competitors layout and Ektors layout to see the differences.