Quality and reliability

Warranty and design life

Ektor products are designed and manufactured in Australian owned factories, certified to ISO:9001:2015. Quality and reliability are of the highest importance and has been demonstrated to our customers time and again.

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Full-cycle testing
Every device in the Ektor product range undergoes a full-cycle test cycle before being packed and shipped. Our full-cycle test includes a complete charge, discharge and re-charge process and can take up to 32 hours. This rigorous testing gives us 100% confidence that every product will meet our customer requirements before leaving the factory.

Design life 

Warranties form our guarantee, demonstrating that we will stand behind our products, but more important than the warranty is the design life of our products. Customers pay highly when the warranty of the product does not reflect the design life. A small design life results in more replacements and costs through the life of the product regardless of the warranty period. It is always best practice to consider the product design life to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

The design life of Ektor products is calculated at the product’s maximum rated ambient temperature and depending on the product type needs to meet our design life criteria.

Core or Basic
Lite or Advanced

To achieve a high design life Ektor, uses high-quality components that will endure under the harshest operating conditions. Additionally, the size and ratings of capacitors and other components are de-rated and sized to ensure longest possible design life. The selection of LEDs, batteries, and the battery capacity are considered to ensure the products can meet their rated duration all throughout its life.

Our experience with battery technology and battery degradation allows us to design Ektor products to have the longest battery life and ensures low cost of ownership.


Subject to the conditions set out in the warranty statement Ektor products are warranted by Evolt as described in the table.


Warranty Statement
Extended onsite warranty
Warranty Period

To claim a warranty, please contact your place of purchase to start the claim.

Product Type Warranty Period
Core or Basic 1 5 Years
Advanced or Lite 1 6 Years
Professional 1 8 Years
Ledfire lamp head (non-maintained) Lifetime
Umbra Exclusive Additional 2 year on-site Warranty
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General lighting products and components 5 Years
Controllers, bridges, repeaters 3 Years
Accessories, software, or consumables 1 Year

Note: Warranty period applies to products sold after 1/11/2022.
For products sold between 1/7/2020 and 31/10/2022, view warranty terms here.
1Excludes general lighting products such as battens, bunkers and other lighting and excludes general
lighting components when used in an emergency product. These products are covered by our general
lighting products warranty.

1 Product types excluding accessories, software, or consumables.