Quadro Professional


Quadro Professional Bunker IP65, 3000-6500K, DALI

  • IP65 weatherproof rating and Vandal-proof IK08 rating
  • Power monitoring (DT51)
  • 12 years design life at max. ambient
  • DALI (IEC62386)

Selected Models

  • LED Lifetime >100,000 hours (L80/B20)
  • Tuneable white (DT8-Tc) controlled by DALI
  • Flicker-free dimming controlled by DALI
  • High Quality Lithium battery (LiFePO4) and smart charger
  • Self-test (AS2293/IEC62034)
  • Emergency models fully compliant (AS/NZS 2293.3)
  • Soft-start charger to reduce building load on emergency models
  • Flicker-free dimming controlled by IEC 62386-102
  • Power monitoring (DT51) reported over IEC 62386-252
  • Wireless meshing system
  • IEC 62386 over IEC 62386-104
  • Microwave sensor suitable for DALI-2 supporting IEC 62386-303
  • Corridor mode in standalone operation
  • LED Lifetime >120,000 hours
  • Emergency and non-emergency models
  • Corridor mode function in standalone operation
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Body MaterialPolycarbonate
Diffuser MaterialPolycarbonate
IK RatingIK08
Installation TypeSurface mount
IP RatingIP65


Electrical RatingClass I
Input Frequency50 Hz
Input voltage230Vac
In Australia the Input voltage is defined as 230Vac -6%/+10%. This effectively means that the voltage range of these products are 216Vac - 253Vac or 240V +6%
Maximum Wattage
25 W
27 W
Power Factor0.95
Standby Power0.3 W
Standby power for non-maintained/switched maintained emergency devices is measured when the light is off and the charger is in standby mode. For maintained emergency devices, standby power is measured when the light is on and the charger is in standby mode. Typically, charging occurs for the first 16 hours after the device is powered or after a battery discharge.
Switch TypeInbuilt Mains Rated DALI Switch
A Terminal input has been provided to allow the wiring of a Main rated switch input. This input can be programmed to switch any controlled area when using a DALI-2 compliant control system. This input supports IEC62386-301 (momentary or rocker switches), IEC62386-302 (on /off switches) and IEC62386-303 (mains rated sensor inputs).
Working Temp Range0 to 40 °C


Macadam Steps (SDCM)3-step MacAdam Ellipse
Full support for DALI-2 DT8 has been provided which allows White colour control on a compliant DALI-2 control system. This function can be used to set a desired colour or to transition between colours depending on the time of day.
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)>84
Lamp/LED Current650 mA
Lamp/LED voltage36 V

LED Lifetime

LED Lifetime>120000 hrs
This is the Reported LED Lifetime in Hours based on TM-21. Ektor does not list the projected or calculated LED lifetime, which is normally longer as TM-21 Addendum B explicitly states "The Calculated and Projected Lp(Dk) are not to be reported". This Lifetime refers to the life of a single LED however the system life is longer since the probability and binomial distribution of all LEDs in the system means that the average led is performing above the specification and compensates for the LEDs falling below.
LED Lifetime Ratings (Failure rate & lumen depreciation)
Ambient Temp (°C)25 °C40 °C
L90B1043000 hrs43000 hrs
This rating defines the performance of the led within its lifetime. L relates to lumen depreciation, where the proceeding number gives the resultant lumen output at the end of it reported lifetime. L70, would mean 30% lumen depreciation which means 70% of its initial output and is tested accordingly to TM-21. The B part refers to failures, which can be define as the percentage of LEDs which fall below the L value in the projected lifetime. A value of B10 refers to 10% failure and a value of B50 refers to 50% failure. After the defined lifetime, the system will reach the defined lumen depreciation and the average led failures is defined by the B rating. The B rating is defined in and tested to IEC62717.
TM-21 Test Hours20000 hrs

Colour temperature

CCT3000 to 6500
CCT ColourTunable White
Luminaire Lumens>3200 lm
All photometric data has a tolerance of ±10%. Luminaire lumens refers to the exit lumens or delivered lumens from the luminaire.


Driver IncludedYes
Integrated DriverNo
Driver Type
DALI DT1 and DT8 Dimmable
DALI DT8 Dimmable
Wireless (IEC62386-104) with DT1 & DT8 Dimmable
Wireless (IEC62386-104) with DT8 Dimmable
Dimmable ~ Includes DALI-2 Driver with full support for DT1, DT6 and DT8-tc allowing flicker free dimming and colour control with compliant DALI-2 Application controllers.
DALI DT8 ~ Includes DALI-2 Driver with full support for DT6 and DT8-tc allowing flicker free dimming and colour control with compliant DALI-2 Application controllers.
Wireless ~ Includes Wireless Driver with full support for DT6 and DT8-tc allowing flicker free dimming and colour control with compliant IEC62386-104 Application controllers.
Power MonitoringDALI Device type 51 power monitoring
Inbuilt DALI-2 support for Device type 51 - Power monitoring for use with DALI-2 compliant control systems which allows the reporting of the products total power consumption for power aggregation and measurements.
Wiring TypeRe-wireable terminal block (6 pin)

Sensor (S suffix)

Adjustable Detection Area / Sensitivity [1] Yes
Adjustable Hold Time [1] Yes
Adjustable Standby Level [1] Yes
Adjustable Standby Period [1] Yes
Corridor Function [1] Yes
Dawn Reset [1] No
Detection Range [1] 10 m
Dusk Mode [1] No
Lux Adjustment [1] No
Manual Override [1] Yes
Sensor Communication [1] DALI 2
[1] Inbuilt DALI-2 Sensor for use with DALI-2 Compliant control systems. Some features and functions are only available for use with DALI-2 Application controllers which support the features. This product also supports a standalone mode for limited use without a DALI-2 application controller.
Sensor TypeMicrowave
Switched OutputNo
Time DelayVia DALI

Emergency (EM suffix)

Replacement Battery Code01302
Emergency ClassificationC0:D50, C90:D50
Emergency Control
DALI Monitored (DT1)
IEC62386-104 (Wireless DT1)
DALI Monitored ~ Supports Emergency test and monitoring over DALI (IEC62386) with full compliance to IEC62386-202.
IEC62386-104 ~ Supports wireless test and monitoring over IEC62386-104 using IEC62386-202.
Emergency Duration90 mins
Emergency ModeMaintained


Product Design Life12 years
The product design life relates to the total product life which includes LEDs, drivers and the enclosure. This is different to the LED lifetime which only refers to the economical lifetime of the LEDs at which time the lumen output has dropped below the L Value. The product design life is calculated at the maximum ambient or working temperature of the product and takes into account the Daily Use.
  • AS/NZS 60598.1
  • AS 60598.2.22
  • AS/NZS 61347.1
  • AS/NZS 61347.2.13
  • AS/NZS 2293.3
  • AS CISPR 15
  • AS/NZS 4268
  • AS/NZS 60598.2.1


Commercial Use Warranty
5 RTB (Total 5 Years)
5 RTB General, 8 RTB Emergency
VIP Warranty2 Onsite, 3 RTB (Total 5 Years)
VIP warranty is available to registered users and is subjected to additional terms and conditions. Register as a VIP today. Our standard warranty is return-to-base. Onsite warranty is only available to users who are registered, for sites located in the defined areas/regions and for purchases that have been registered.
Product Height102 mm
Product Length275 mm
Product Width275 mm
DALI Dimmable (DT6/DT8) and DALI Emergency Test and Monitoring (DT1)
Order codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
14631EV-QUADRO-EM-PROEktor Quadro LED Emergency bunker IP65 - PRO
14633EV-QUADRO-EM-PRO-SEktor Quadro LED Emergency bunker IP65 w/corridor function sensor - PRO
Wireless Dimmable (DT6/DT8) and Wireless Emergency Test and Monitoring (DT1)
Order codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
17938EV-QUADRO-EM-PRO-LKEktor Lynk Quadro LED Emergency bunker IP65 w/wireless - PRO
17940EV-QUADRO-EM-PRO-S-LKEktor Lynk Quadro LED Emergency bunker IP65 w/corridor function sensor w/wireless - PRO
DALI Dimmable ( DT6/DT8)
Order codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
14630EV-QUADRO-PROEktor Quadro LED bunker IP65 - PRO
14632EV-QUADRO-PRO-SEktor Quadro LED bunker IP65 w/corridor function sensor - PRO
Wireless Dimmable (DT6/DT8)
Order codeItem codeDescriptionAvailability
17937EV-QUADRO-PRO-LKEktor Lynk Quadro LED bunker IP65 - PRO w/wireless
17939EV-QUADRO-PRO-S-LKEktor Lynk Quadro LED bunker IP65 w/sensor - PRO w/wireless

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